Luka Vidović is a famous Croatian magician, born on 13 February 1979 in Zagreb, the Croatian capital. He is the son of renowned Croatian actors: father Ivica Vidović and mother Mirjana Majurec.

Luka attended the first years of elementary school in Zagreb and the second part of elementary school in two French towns: Auxerre and Cannes. He acquired secondary school education in 8th General Education Grammar School “Tituš Brezovački“ in Zagreb.
The love for the art of magic was passed to Luka from his father, the actor Ivica, whose theatre roles sometimes included magic tricks.
The key moment determining his professional life happened shortly after Luka’s 16th birthday. Namely, on Easter 1995, he received a gift from his father, VHS tapes (recording medium at that time) with performances of the world’s best magician of that time, David Coperfield, and Luka simply couldn’t stop watching the tapes for days. He was fascinated with the art of magic, tricks, secrets, illusions, spotlights, but most of all, he was fascinated by the fact that people were laughing and were happy during the show. At that moment Luka felt an inner call and love for that profession and he knew that that’s what he wanted to do in his life. From that day on, his love for the art of magic grew with every day.
Not even a year later, at the age of almost 17, on 24 January 1996, Luka Vidović had his first public appearance in the lobby of the theatre “Teatar itd“ in Zagreb.
Already during the next year, in his final year in secondary school, he had several appearances on national television.
Immediately after secondary school graduation, in September 1997, he enrols in the double major study programme of French language and Phonetics at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. However, at the end of his first year of study, in summer 1998, he loses interest for continuing the study of these programmes and leaves the Faculty.
In the same summer, on 21 June 1998, the 19-year-old Luka had his first solo show in the discotheque “The Best” in Zagreb.
After that summer, and his first two-months tour for the hotel chain „Arenaturist“ in Istria (Croatia), he was driven by the desire to improve his training and skills in his stage performance.
Since, at that time, in Croatia there was no possibility of an official study of the art of magic, and feeling that the stage is his only and true vocation, he decided to study acting, recognizing that this study would secure him most benefits in the profession he had chosen. Therefore, in September 1998, he took the entrance exam at the “Academy of Dramatic Art” in Zagreb, which he passed at first attempt.
He was studying and working as a magician at the same time.
He had his first big success at the second year of study, on 12 March 2000 and 16 April 2000, when both his public solo shows in “Gavella Drama Theatre” in Zagreb were sold out. Luka considers this to be the official start of his professional career.
After that two shows, Luka decided to continue with the art of magic on a professional basis, which was followed by an unstoppable rise and he was engaged by renowned Croatian and global companies throughout Croatia.
In his successful professional career Luka performed for market leaders such as: “Coca – Cola”, “Samsung“, “Nokia“, “Sony Ericsson“, “Siemens“, “Renault“, “Citroen“, “Suzuki“, “Toyota“, “Nivea“, “DM“, “American Express“, “Diners Club International“, “AmCham“, “British American Tobacco“, “Johnson & Johnson“, “Vaillant“, “Vipnet“, “HT“, “Zagreb Brewery“, “Kraš“, “Belupo“, “Pliva“, “Merkur“, “Uniqa Insurance“ etc.
Luka is a frequent guest on the Croatian national television “HRT”, where he performed in several renowned TV shows such as „Dressing room“, “Goleo“, “Eight floor“, “Željka Ogresta and guests“, “Seventh night“, “Life is beautiful“, “Dancing with the Stars“, “Derby“, “On home ground“, “I can do this“ and he also played the supporting role of a magician in the movie about the Croatian writer August Šenoa.
During his career he was engaged, on a regular basis, at all major events in Croatia, such as: “The Night of the AdEaters”, “Split Festival”, “New Year’s Party for kids at Ban Jelačić Square”, “Golden Kuna”, “Croatian Theatre Awards”, “Tourism Day”, “Snow Queen Trophy”, “Who“ (for World Health Organization, attended by Mr Stjepan Mesić, at that time the President of the Republic of Croatia), “World Water Day”, “Chocofest”, “Science Picnic”, “Kids Fair”, various promotions, for e.g. “Brain Games”, movie premieres, birthdays of shopping malls and many other.
2010 receives the status „Superbrands Croatia“.
2013 performs in Monte Carlo for His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.
In addition to his native Croatian language, Luka is also fluent in French and English. Because of his knowledge of both above quoted languages, during his career Luka was often engaged in the French and British Embassy and in companies with these native languages.
He issued three editions of “Luka’s Magic Box”, and all were sold out.
He also cooperates with many Croatian theatres, where he was the consultant for scene magic: for e.g. 2013 in “Višnjik”, in “Croatian National Theatre”.
Every year he performs in more than 150 shows both for children and for grownups.
Luka lives in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.


List of shows.


“Magic of Luka Vidović” (2001, “Gavella Drama Theatre”, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Magic in Exit” (2001, theatre “Theatre Exit“, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Magic act show” (2003 – 2011; theatre “Kerempuh“, Zagreb, Croatia – more than 100 000 spectators)
“Psst” (2004, theatre “Trešnja“, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Magic Touch” (2004, Croatia)
“Luka – Master of Magic” (2005, 2006, theatre “Mala scena“, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Waiting for Santa Claus” (2008, theatre “Smjehotići“, Zagreb, Croatia)
“The Whole World is a Stage” (2010, Croatia)
“Luka’s Magic Corner” (2012, Croatia)
“What is a man without tricks? “ (2013, Croatia)
“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and cheerful professions“ (2013, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Plan 22” (2014, Studio of laughter, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Comedy magic show 18+” (2015, theatre “Kerempuh“, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Magic show for the whole family” (2015, 2016, 2017, Vatrolav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia)
“Four magic words“ (2015 – 2018, kindergartens and schools in Croatia)

Show for the whole family

Show for the whole family.


Show “Magic show for the whole family”
In his successful professional career, the magician Luka Vidović made both kids and adults laugh and entertained them on numerous occasions with his hit show “Magic show for the whole family”.
This hilarious and entertaining magic show is intended for the entertainment of the whole family, and therefore both kids and moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas enjoy it equally.
Luka’s impressive talent for working with people, excellent sense for humour, appealing character, positive energy, irresistible charm, and top entertaining skills are the reasons why you will remember this show with joy for a very long time!
“Magic show for the whole family” is an unforgettable show, from the beginning to the end filled with laughter, fun, humour and amazing tricks.
This show is also unique because it is completely interactive, meaning that magician Luka Vidović selects kids from the audience to help him perform tricks on the stage. All those children not invited by Luka to join him on the stage are not disappointed because the entire audience directly helps in performing tricks during the show.
The show “Magic show for the whole family” is conceived for guests from various speaking areas, countries and cultures and the content is equally understandable and funny for all.
The show can be performed in Croatian, English and French, since Luka Vidović is fluent in all three languages.
Duration of the show: 45 minutes or less per customer request.

Show for adults


Show for adults

Show “Comedy magic show 18+“
“Comedy magic show 18+“ is an extraordinary funny, interactive and entertaining magic show for adults of the magician Luka Vidović.
Luka’s excellent sense for humour, impressive talent for working with people, irresistible charm, appealing character, positive energy and top entertaining skills are the reasons why you will remember this show for a very long time!
The show consists of a series of stunning magic tricks which Luka performs with ease before the eyes of the audience leaving them, without exception, breathless.
Luka transfers his spontaneity, humour and cheerful spirit to the audience, and they, because of the laughter and relaxation, gladly volunteer in the performance of tricks during the entire show. His interaction with the audience and with every individual who comes on the stage to help him perform a trick is hilariously funny, but also attentive, because he is known as a person who makes everybody laugh without offending anyone.
In his successful professional career Luka performed his show “Comedy magic show 18+“ on countless occasions at various corporate dinners, gala dinners, conferences, congresses, Christmas parties and festive events. Certainly, one of the most important performances in his career to be emphasized, is the performance for His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco in Monte Carlo, where Luka performed in January 2013.
Luka Vidović performed for countless global and Croatian market leader companies such as: “Coca – Cola”, “Samsung“, “Nokia“, “Sony Ericsson“, “Siemens“, “Renault“, “Citroen“, “Suzuki“, “Toyota“, “Nivea“, “DM“, “American Express“, “Diners Club International“, “AmCham“, “British American Tobacco“, “Johnson & Johnson“, “Vaillant“, “Vipnet“, “HT“, “Zagreb Brewery“, “Kraš“, “Belupo“, “Pliva“, “Merkur“, “Uniqa Insurance“ etc.
The show “Comedy magic show 18+“ is conceived for guests from various speaking areas, countries and cultures and the content is equally understandable and funny for all.
The show can be performed in Croatian, English and French, since Luka Vidović is fluent in all three languages.
Duration of the show: 45 minutes or less per customer request.

Show for kindergartens and schools


Show for kindergartens and schools

Show “Four magic words”
About the show “Four magic words”:
The show “Four magic words” is an extraordinary funny, educational and interactive magic show for kids of the famous Croatian magician Luka Vidović, who performs in your kindergarten or your school upon request.
How does the show “Four magic words” influence kids?
The show “Four magic words” has several very strong positive impacts on children and young people:
• The show influences the reduction of bullying behaviour. The lack of respect for diversities is one of the main causes of bullying behaviour among children. The show is completely interactive, meaning that kids are active participants during the entire show. By participating in the show together, kids loose the notion of being different. In addition, with his cheerful manner of treating everybody equally, Luka shows that he enjoys working with everyone regardless of their sex, colour, nationality, look, social status and health condition. Considering the fact that kids simply adore Luka and see him as a role model, they identify themselves with him and copy his positive model of mutual respect for diversity, helping decrease bullying behaviour.
• The show has a very important psychological component, and that is strengthening children’s self-confidence and building a positive image of themselves. Luka’s cheerful and funny approach and the magical atmosphere make the kids relax easily and quickly and bring out the best in them. Kids participate gladly and voluntarily in the show, helping in the performance of tricks.
• The show is also very educational because Luka, in a funny way, teaches children about certain segments of good manners that is etiquette.
• The show also has an artistic influence of children because it encourages the development of spontaneity, imagination and creativity and free expression of feelings.
• The show also has a therapeutic effect because it is full of laughter from the beginning to the end, and laughter has a positive effect on all aspects of children’s health and character.
Why to choose the show “Four magic words”?
In his successful professional career Luka cheered up kids on numerous occasions, in kindergartens, elementary schools, dormitories, hospitals, children’s homes and at numerous birthday parties, festivals, events and other various happenings for children throughout the Republic of Croatia. Every single time after a show, without exception, children’s hearts were filled with delight, joy and laughter.

Several reactions after watching the show “Four magic words”:
“The show completely delighted all, including us who are not kids anymore! I don’t remember that anyone brought so much joy to us as Luka did!”
– Director of “Home for children and young adults Lipik” prof. Goran Nikles
“The encounter with the magician Luka Vidović was truly magical. The kids truly experienced the magic believing in it while watching the show. After the show everybody commented the tricks wondering how that was possible?!”
– Kindergarten “Grigor Vitez”, Samobor
“Luka’s interaction with the kids was very successful and amazing, everybody kept raising their hands to get close to Luka and become an active participant in the show. Kids who are otherwise timid in unfamiliar situations, were completely relaxed in the show and it was simply wonderful to watch it!”
– Kindergarten “Zvončić”, Split
“The show is very funny and witty for kids, and it is filled with their laughter from the beginning to the very end. The show has a great message because it promotes equality among children.”
– City office for social protection and people with disabilities of the City of Zagreb

What is the price of a ticket for the show “Four magic words”?
The ticket price is 20 HRK / child, whereby there are several advantages:
• Children from the same family, regardless of how many there are, are paying just one ticket.
• Tickets are free of charge for:
 families from socially vulnerable families
 children with special needs
 children without parental care.

In which languages can the show “Four magic words” be performed?
The show can be performed in Croatian, English and French, since Luka Vidović is fluent in all three languages.

About “Theatre Prestige”:
“Theatre Prestige” from Zagreb (Croatia) is an artistic organization recorded in the Registry of artistic organizations at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, under registration number 274, on 23 November 2010, by Luka Vidović and his deceased father, the famous actor Ivica Vidović. Luka Vidović founded “Theatre Prestige” with the intention of turning his longstanding work and experience with children into an educational – fun artistic organization for promoting magician, illusionist, educational and comedy skills and talents. The art director of “Theatre Prestige” is Luka Vidović, and the head office is in Zagreb.

Charity work

Charity work.



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